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Ross Enterprises was founded in 1967 and incorporated in 1976, as a home heating oil company. We currently serve Delaware, Southern NJ, and Eastern Pennsylvania, supplying branded and unbranded fuels to commercial service stations and other large organizations that maintain their own fleet of vehicles.

Many of our clients have partnered with us for decades, our largest customer being PSEG.

We are fast, reliable, and responsive to the marketplace. Operating as a “one bill, one place” service, we make ordering and billing as straightforward and stressless as possible for the businesses we serve.

Ross truck with blue cab

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Ross Owned Stations

  • Shell – 2080 Rt. 9 South Seaville, NJ, 08230
  • Iona Exxon – 4491 Harding Hwy Franklinville, NJ, 08322
  • Tri Gulf – 7 N. Lincoln & Landis Vindland, NJ, 08361
  • 5 Points Exxon – 108 S. Delsea Dr. Sewell, NJ, 08080
  • Paulsboro Exxon – 94 S. Delaware St. Paulsboro, NJ 08066


  • Best of Salem County 2022
  • Energi: Excellence in Risk Management
  • Shell: Recognition of 30-year partnership AND Outstanding Performance Award
  • Gulf Express: 5-Million-GallonClub
  • CITGO: Recognition of 30-Year Partnership
  • Phillips 66: Recognition of 30-Year Partnership
  • Exxon: Recognition of 30-Year Partnership

Mission Statement

The ROSS FOGG OIL COMPANY is a leader in the petroleum distribution industry.

Our CUSTOMERS are vital to the growth, operation, and success of our business. We shall continue to offer quality products at a reasonable cost, give fast and efficient service, and always be courteous and respectful of their needs.

Our SUPPLIERS are equally important to the operation and success of our business. We will expect them to continue to provide quality products and good service, keep us informed of new technology, and be competitive in their pricing. In return, we will respect and learn from their knowledge of the petroleum industry.

Our ENVIRONMENT will be a major concern in our future. We will strive to protect our environment by continuing to implement policies and procedures to insure the well—being of our employees and customers.

Our EMPLOYEES are our most important asset as they represent the integrity of our COMPANY. The growth of the ROSS FOGG OIL COMPANY depends on their opportunity for individual growth, their input, attitude, and accountability.

Our ultimate goal is to be the best we can be. We realize that a winning attitude, cooperation, team work, and pride in what we do, will enable us to achieve our goals.

Team Members

Mr. Joe Prissell

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph J. Prissel

Oversees operations, safety, contracts, budgets, marketing, site, fleet maintenance, and regulatory compliance responsibility for Ross Enterprises and reports to a board of directors. He has over 35 years of experience in logistics as well as experience working with the Department of Transportation, OSHA, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Anthony Agliano

Transportation &
Logistics Manager

Anthony Agliano

Over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, and 19 years of service at Ross Enterprises. In 2021, Anthony oversaw the successful delivery of 53 million gallons of petroleum.

Angel Blithe

Controller & Human Resources

Angel Blithe

Angel is a skilled financial analyst who has over 20 years of accounting experience and has been with Ross Enterprises for 8+ years. She oversees the financial health of the company by managing its accounting team.  

Jared Carey Business Development

Business Development

Jared Carey

Jared has 22 years in the sales industry and an MBA from Rutgers University. He is responsible for the customer experience and business development of Ross Enterprises.

Consulting Financial Officer : Paul Weaver

Trustees : Edward Remster • Michael W. Powell • John C. Hathaway


Founder Ross Fogg Sr. sitting behind desk

Company Founder – Ross Fogg Sr.

Single Ross truck
Two Ross tractors parked side by side