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We deliver and distribute petroleum and fuel products in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania with unrivaled customer service. If you are a service station, marina, commercial, industrial, or agricultural business and are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, and responsive petroleum distributor, we can fill that need.

Our Fuel Distribution Makes Life Easier and Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

In the dynamic realm of fuel transportation, businesses often grapple with challenges such as logistics, supply chain intricacies, and the need for a reliable petroleum distributor. Ross Enterprises addresses these pain points head-on, offering seamless solutions that streamline the complexities of fuel distribution. Our commitment to excellence ensures that clients experience efficiency, transparency, and dependability in every aspect of our service. In an industry where time is of the essence, Ross Enterprises stands out by providing swift and reliable fuel transport services, alleviating the stress associated with managing petroleum distribution.

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Over five decades in the industry

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Our avg. delivery time is 4 hours

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Prioritizing safety in operations. Certified and insured drivers.

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We have a 24 hour hotline available

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We can facilitate and distribute wholesale and bulk fuel orders from a variety of brands for a variety of applications. Call us today to work with a reliable fuel distributor.

Ross Enterprises is a distributor for Highland Tank Company, supplying above and below ground storage tanks for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers. We are a distributor for EnviroLogic (formerly SpillAway) bio-remedial products used as an accepted method of petroleum products clean up.